The small-bore rifle.

We shoot .22 rimfire at the Bearsted and Thurnham range. There are two shooting disciplines, prone rifle and sporting rifle.

Prone rifle shooting is generally Monday and Tuesday.

Sporting Rifle is generally Wednesday

• Bolt action (Prone Rifle Discipline)

Bolt action rifles can be single shot, or magazine fed. These are most commonly used in prone shooting, but are also used in standing or kneeling disciplines. These rifles are very very accurate. Prices can vary from £20 to £2000+. For competition target shooting, these are generally used without telescopic sights.

Anschutz Model 1907 .22 Long Rifle

• Semi-automatic (Sporting Rifle Discipline)

Magazine fed carbine. This rifle filled the slot when handguns were banned in 1997. Magazines can hold between five and 30 rounds. The most commonly used semi-automatic rifle in the club is the Ruger 10/22T. This versatile and reliable rifle is very accurate up to 100 metres and can be modified easily. There are a multitude of customisations than can be made to suit the user. Scopes are allowed in competitions. This rifle is so commonly used they can be picked up cheaply second-hand. New, without scope, they cost around £400.

Ruger 10/22T - Semi Automatic .22" Calibre carbine


  • Scope.

A good 'scope will have a magnification of at least 20x, preferably 30x, and a lens of 40mm or more. Prices for 'scopes depend upon quality. You will be doing yourself no favours putting a cheap 'scope on a decent rifle. Expect to pay £200 for a good one, £400+ for a great one.

  • Ammunition.
Ammmunition for these rifles is very cheap. Prices range from £2.50- £5 per box of 50 depending upon the quality.

The .22" calibre is the only calibre of semi-automatic rifle which is legal in this country.

Fully automatic rifles are not legal in any calibre.