The full-bore rifle.

These rifles are generally bolt action, although other types are availabe.

Due to the high power of these rifles they are unsuitable for most indoor club ranges. There are however a number of outdoor ranges that can accommodate these rifles (such as Bisley in Surrey and also Lydd/Hythe). Here distances range from 100 to 1100+ metres.

This type of rifle can be shot accurately to distances of greater than 1000m using open (non-telescopic) sights .  Another variation is to use telescopic sights and bipod.

The main calibres for full-bore rifles are .223" and 7.62mm. Both of these are current NATO calibres.
A multitude of other calibres are availabe.

Old Military.

Because of the nature of the calibre, and distances involved, many are ex-military. Rifles such as the Lee-Enfield SMLE can be converted to 7.62mm from it's original .303". During this conversion process, many are also re-barrelled for greater accuracy. You willl always be able to find cheap ex-military rifles, with prices from £100.

Lee Enfield Bolt Action Rifle.

New Military/Tactical

More modern military (sniper/tactical) rifles can also be used. There are a number of types available. Prices vary - typically expect to pay £500 - £1000.

Remington 700 .308 calibre.

Non-Military target rifle

Alternatively purpose-built modern target rifles are also available. These are generally more accurate and can cost from £500-£2000+.

HPS Target Rifle